Monday, August 27, 2012

Entrée – Lamb & Veg

Story behind the recipe – As a poor university kid working full time to pay for studying,
there was only a small amount of things I could afford to buy with my pittance of earnings
– and, seeming as I was working as a butcher in the middle of a marketplace, the only
things I could get for cheap or free were veggies and off-cuts of meat. On my day off, I'd
cook up a big batch of this stuff and freeze it. Voila, meals for the next three weeks.

What you’ll need – Based on my best-tasting batch, you'll need:
- About 4lb of lamb forequarter chops
- 1 onion, 1 parsnip, 1/2 bulb garlic to taste, 1 tablespoon of your favorite blend of dried
- 3 sticks of celery, 1 bell pepper, any color and 4 button mushrooms
- 2 carrots, 2 potatoes, 1 medium sweet potato and 1/2 cabbage
- 8 large, ripe tomatoes, 1 head broccoli and 1/2 head cauliflower
- 1 cup peas, 2 cups snow peas, and 2 cups beans

Steps to the process
- Cut meat into workable pieces (1" by 1" is normal, the meat reduces down on cooking).
- Pull out any bones, trim the bigger chunks of fat. Brown meat in the bottom of a large
- While meat browns, peel/dice/shred ingredients, mix with meat as you go.
- Add in water until covering ¾ of the vegetables. Add herbs and stir through.
- Cook on high until water boils, stirring occasionally.
- Reduce heat to lowest setting and leave to simmer for 6-10 hours, depending on how
tender you
want your meat and how much water remains in the pot. Stir when you remember.
- To reheat, use the stove rather than the microwave – it heats it more thoroughly.

Comments – The recipe can be adapted to your tastes. Swap water for stock that
compliments your choice of meat for a stronger flavor. Adapt your vegetables to your
choice of available or cheaper vegetables. Use the bones from lamb or some beef soup
bones to make stock for stew, for less waste. Use different meats depending on your
tastes. Beef chuck steak or pork shoulder can make excellent substitutes for the lamb. You
can serve hot or cold.

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