Monday, August 27, 2012

Entrée – Summer Garden Pasta

Story behind the recipe – I love pasta and I love fresh vegetables. I experimented to
create my own light, summery, tasty dish that can be enjoyed the year round, either
vegetarian-style or with chicken or shrimp.

What you’ll need
1 – 1 lb. box of Angel Hair pasta, 1-6 oz. can medium pitted black olives, 1 large yellow
bell pepper, Extra virgin olive oil, 1 bunch of Asparagus (snap stems to use tops), 3 or 4
thin sliced chicken breasts (optional),1 bunch of Broccoli (cut to florets), Oregano, 1
medium zucchini, Basil, 1 medium yellow squash, Grated Romano or Parmesan cheese, 2
or 3 Roma tomatoes, 1 Clove garlic or ¼ tsp. crushed garlic, 1 cup sliced carrots, 1 Large

Steps to the process
- Place angel hair pasta in boiling water.
- If serving with chicken, cut chicken breasts in half and then into strips/pieces.
- Drizzle olive oil into non-stick skillet and season lightly with oregano and basil;
- Add crushed garlic clove and chicken.
- When chicken is cooked through, add juice from the can of black olives and set olives
- Add vegetables (cut in larger pieces) except for tomato and olives. Drizzle with another
tablespoon of olive oil and squeeze the juice of one large lemon (seeds removed). Season
with another sprinkle of oregano and basil. Cover and simmer for three to four minutes,
until tender but still crisp.
- Add sliced Roma tomatoes and black olives. Cover and simmer for another one to two
- Drain pasta and plate with veggies and chicken. Top off with sauce and grated cheese.

Comments – Makes 4 to 6 servings. You can add additional lemon juice, black olive juice,
and/or olive oil for extra sauce, as needed.

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